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 Saturday, April 18

Baseball has been a part of me since being in my mothers womb. I cherish the hot sticky nights watching the yanks play on T.V. with my family. Sitting out in the sun at the community ball park watching my brother play, and my Daddy coaching.My dad used to be a runner. On occasion I would accompany my dad. I would play and wait with anticipation for him to run that final lap around the high school track. Then we would climb to the top of the bleachers and "watch" Chicago Cubs games together. I of course would treat my dad to the closed concession stand hot dogs, soda, and crackerjacks. Can't watch a game without it! Easter Sunday my brother and I headed out to the ball park to watch our Yanks play the Royals. It was cold, very cold. It rained on us almost the entire game. The wind almost blew us away. I am not smart enough to put on a jacket and even dumber for sporting my pink flips. I think my pigs are just now in the last stages of thawing. We were almost alone in our section. I take that back I think we almost had the park to ourselves. Real fans stay until the end. Rain or blistering hot sun I'm dedicated to my boys until the end. We lost that game. Disappointed at the loss, cold and wet; that day at the old ball game with my big brother ranks at the top of my favorite days list. I had a blast! Thanks Brian! One day I will see them on their turf in NYC.


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