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Birthday Roast of Brian Myers

 Wednesday, April 13

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Finally, downtown's biggest asshole gets back what he's dished out! The roast to end all roasts, presented by members of the Shots Fired Comedy Crew. The panel includes comedians David Allison, Nick Ford, Paul McEnaney, Ryan Gerster and Hootie Wales; St. Joe Live's Blake Hannon and Shea Connor; and Roast Master Justin Peacock. This is a free show. NO COVER!! Brought to you by KeepStJoeWeird.com

The Vous
St Joseph, MO
619 Felix St
St Joseph, MO 64501  



L'Oréal® Paris The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara

 Thursday, April 7

I'm lucky to be a part of a really cool program, I'm a BzzAgent. What does that mean? Well I get to try out a bunch of different products from many companies and the best part it's FREE! Who doesn't like free stuff?! I must add that these aren't sample sizes! It's the real deal! All I have to do is fill out short little surveys so they can offer me the campaign that would be best for me. They offer and it's my choice if I want to sign up for that BzzAgent campaign. Then this is when it gets fun! They mail me the products, I try them out and then spread the word to my friends and family! That's it! Simple and again it's FREE!! I love make-up so I was pretty excited when the campaign from L'Oréal® Paris! When I received the products in the mail I was a little unsure about eyeshadow that you can put on three colors in one swipe! What?? I for sure didn't think this could work! Well to my surprise it not only worked but it went on smooth with each color in the right spot!It looked just as if a professional had applied my eye shadow! I love it! So now I have some pretty looking eyes but it gets better I topped it off with L'Oréal® Paris Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara. One word WOW!! It goes on easy in two steps apply the first rich pigment from the base of lashes and sweep up to the tip of lashes. The second step is just as simple! Sweep the illuminating topcoat to enhance your eye color.It has a small round applicator that makes it easy to apply and get the look you want! So simple and so GORGEOUS! I have my new favorite eye make-up, The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara


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