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A Frugal Moms Tips to Pinch that Penny a Little Harder

 Sunday, June 28

Have your family save all their change for the year. You will be surprised at how quickly your pocket change ads up! Save it as a family to use for next years vacation or for something the family you all have agreed on. Have some family time by saving your coffee cans. Have each member of the household decorate them up, cut a slit in the top and your set to go!

Stop wasting money on expensive coffee on your drive to work. Get a cheap insulated mug with a lid. Daily coffee runs can really add up! Brewing your own only costs pennies.

I use powdered milk to cook with and my daughter drinks it. My husband refuses to drink it. He Say's he will only drink 2% but what he doesn't know is that as the level of milk goes down I replace it with water! By the time it's empty I'm sure it was less than skim milk. Oh if he only knew! Shhhh!

I won't waste money on training pants while I'm potty training my daughter. I about fell over when I priced them at the store! I purchased 8 pairs of the good Ole fashioned plastic training pants, regular little girl panties, and for night time the thick cotton training pants. She is just so proud of her big girl panties!

CANCEL cable TV! Our family did this about six months ago. We rent movies from the Library which is FREE! We also pick up movies at Garage sales.

Check out http://www.freecycle.org Everything is completely free! Post your items you no longer need or want instead of tossing in the trash.
Craigslist also has a FREE section!


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